The Move…

So much has changed since I started the concept of “blogging”…  First, what is a blog?  What should I write?  Who really cares?

As I have thought long and hard about this, I realized that what I start out with most probably will not be what I turn this blog into…  What in life does start out the way we planned?  And you know, that is ok…

So, I start at the beginning of the latest big change in my life – the move…

I loaded up a mini van with some items that I thought I would need for a month along with my dog (Pupsy – the 16 year old Shiba Inu) and my friend Carla and I drove out of New Jersey on Tuesday, April 9 and headed for Flagstaff, Arizona.

A little back story for those who do not know – I packed my house and left my belongings with a moving company (another story in itself), closed a yoga studio, quit my job, found a new job and decided to get married in the span of about a month and a half….

Here are some highlights of the days on the road…

“The Pups”:


Going through PA:


See Ya Later Ohio:

Leaving Ohio

The Arch:


Best Food EVER in Missouri!

Best Food Ever

Hi Texas Windmills:


Looking a little dry in New Mexico…


I have always been fascinated with the Continental Divide…

Cont Divide

Last bite in New Mexico:

Navajo Taco

Hello Arizona – getting closer to being home.  Yes, that is snow on the ground…

Welcome to AZ

Yep – she is still sleeping…

Pups 2

When going through Arizona, seeing the Wig Wam Hotel is a MUST!

Tee-Pee Hotel
Finally!!!  Northern Arizona!!!


After driving for over three days, touching 10 states and over 2,300 miles – WE MADE IT!

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